Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some questions many have about the sport of Beach Volleyball and club.
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    How does Beach Club work?
    Beach is structured much like indoor club volleyball. Players sign up for the summer beach season with IABVB. IABVB helps form teams, provides instruction, issues uniforms, etc.... Players can register themselves for tournaments online.
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    When is the beach volleyball season?
    The Beach season runs from May through August.
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    Do players have to participate in all of the tournaments?
    Athletes can participate in the events of their choice.
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    How do players sign up to play club?
    We have an easy online registration for all players.
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    Where are practices?
    Practices are at The Sands (6214 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312).
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    Where are the tournaments?
    Most tournaments in central Iowa through USA Volleyball – Iowa Region.
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    What if my partner is younger than me?
    A team may be comprised of different age participants. A team with players from different age divisions must play in the division of the oldest team member. Teams and individuals may play up in divisions, but may never play down in divisions.
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    Why wear Uniforms?
    IABVB wants to promote a high level of professionalism. We have seen that players wearing uniforms conduct themselves with a greater sense of purpose than those without. Part of the mission of IABVB is to promote the essence of the word team in beach volleyball. Uniforms provide players with the feeling that they are part of a bigger family in their club.
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    Can players switch partners mid-season?
    Yes, players may switch partners mid-season.
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    Is coaching allowed during tournaments?
    Yes. Passive coaching is permitted. Coaching takes place during time-outs, side changes and generally when the ball is not in play. Coaches may only have contact with their athletes at this time. Coaches may not confront the opponents or player officials assigned to matches. Team coaches must be registered as an official coach with their club and defer to the assigned official (or tournament officials) when contact with their athletes is allowed. Each team does not have to have a coach. If parents engage players or officials during play or timeouts their child's team may be eliminated from the event and asked to leave.
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    How long do the tournaments last?
    Tournaments typically start around 9:00am and end mid-afternoon. Tournaments usually follow the same pool play format as that of indoor club. Playoff format will vary depending on the number of teams and pools per age division. Playoff format info will be announced on site after play begins. Playoffs finish times will vary depending on bracket size.
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    What are the rules?
    Rules are taught during practices. We will comply with the USA Volleyball Beach rule book.
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    Who do I contact if I have any other questions?
    Please contact Keith Small at 515.537.4481 if you have any questions or email .